Supreme Court Justices of the United States of America

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This is my first attempt at reproducing a Gantt chart using javascript and specifically d3.js. I have leant heavily upon this example by Michael Keller - thanks to him for the inspiration. At the moment, I have very little experience with this and his code was super easy to work with.

A few extra notes. To sort, click on name, start date, end date or years - click on them again to reverse sort. on each teamname to highlight its line. The 'recess' in the filter option refers to recess appointments. 'Chief' refers to chief justices. In the color party option, the colors are:
blue - Democrat, red - Republican, purple - Federalist, black - Whig, pink - Independent.

There is much more I'd like to do with this if I had the time. I would especially like to add in a tooltip to give more biographical information about each individual, and perhaps more sortable/filtering options. Any criticism and feedback please get in touch via twitter - @jalapic. Code and data are available on my GitHub.